Preparing a wall for painting

Posted: August 4, 2010 by Rach in Paint / Oils / Stains / Varnishes / Painting Supplies / Wall Paper
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Photo courtesy of Heather (OMSH)

Painting is so easy, take a brush dip it into a can of paint and then brush it on the wall.  What could be difficult about that?

Well nothing, but your finished job may not look very good.  You may notice that the paint starts chipping, pealing, bubbling or may just appear quite streaky or uneven.

The reason will not be anything to do with the quality of the painting that you have just completed.  Painting really is very simple.  The problem however will be entirely because the wall or surface was not prepared properly prior to you commencing.

Preparing your surface before you start painting is absolutely essential to ensuring you get a good, even and professional result.  Unfortunately it is not a particularly fun or quick job, but getting it right first time will save you the hassle and time of having to paint it again in the immediate future.

1. Remove any wallpaper. This is the best plan for all wall paper because over time it will start to peel, however if it is in really good condition you may paint over the top of it.  If you do have any rips, uneven patches or peeling, remove it now by peeling or scraping it off.

2.  Scrape off any chipped or peeling paint using a paint scrapper.

3. Check your wall to ensure that it is free of any holes, dents etc.  You can paint over these as they are, but they will be forever visible.  It is prudent to patch them up with plaster filler now and then let the area fully dry.

4. Give the surface a light sand, this is especially important should you have stripped wallpaper, scraped off old paint or touched up any holes.  This will give you a much smoother surface to work with.  Use a fine grade sandpaper.

5. Clean your wall – This step is really important regardless of your preparation to this point.  Even if you haven’t needed to remove wallpaper, scrape away old paint or touch up any holes, you will still need to clean your walls.  The best thing to use is sugar soap which you can get from most supermarkets and all hardware stores.  It is one of the most effective solutions for removing the build up of grease, grime and dirt from the walls, some of it not even visible to your eyes.  Dilute the sugar soap according to the directions on the product and give your wall a good wash with a soft cloth, being sure to wring it out regularly.

6. Allow your walls to dry for a good 24-48 hours.

Your walls should then be ready to paint in whatever colour you desire!  DIY Bargain Bin has a wide range of brushes and paints in the DIY Bargain Bin Paint / Oils / Stains / Varnishes / Painting Supplies / Wall Paper section.

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