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Fixing faulty springs. Image courtesy of Mr P de Panama

Garage doors need regular maintenance and attention to stay working perfectly, so if your garage door develops a shudder or sticks at points it is best to get it seen to straight away. In my case, the electric garage roller door got both, having a small fit as it tried to open or close, often it would give up half way and go back to where it started (open if I was shutting it or closed if I was opening it).

We didn’t do anything about it, except pressure and pull and force it to do our will. After a year or two, we went to rent the house out and could no longer avoid its wilful disobedience and so we called in the garage repair guy.

I am not sure if it was because of our heavy-handed tactics, but instead of just a small repair bill we had to replace a lot of damaged items.  I suspect that we were the cause of most of them, and the door in protest kept deteriorating.

Therefore, I have created a simple checklist of things to look out for if your door starts to behave other than it should.  It covers most garage doors so if you cannot locate a certain part, do not be alarmed, as it may just be that it doesn’t apply to your garage door:

  • Ensure with your garage door in a closed position the brackets are securely attached.  If you find loose ones tighten them.
  • Check the door tracks are even on both sides and run parallel with the ceiling.
  • Check the overhead section to ensure it slopes slightly to the back of the garage.
  • Check the tracks for damaged areas including flat spots, crimping and dents. Fix or replace these depending on their damage.  Clean the tracks thoroughly before re-lubricating the tracks with garage door spray.
  • Look for loose screws or worn hardware.
  • Check springs for signs they may be about to crack or break. But do not attempt to repair or replace, contact a professional to do this part for you.
  • Check the tension of your swing up door to ensure it doesn’t need the tension adjusted.

For more information on garage repair see the Garage Door Problems article by HandyAmerican from which the above information was sourced.