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Image courtesy of Instructables

Have your power tools given up the ghost? Do you save them in a box in the garage just in case they can be fixed? Do you walk past a pile of street collection rubbish and see an old beltsander and imagine how good that would look in your collection if it worked?

Well now with a little know how you can give most of your old tools a new lease on life.  Tim Anderson, author of ‘Heirloom Technology’ column in Make Magazine and co-founder of zcorp has put together a great step by step for repairing most common problems with your power tools on Instructables. Unfortunately you have to be a member to see all the photos, so while we link to the above, we have also provided some alternatives, where available to fix all the common problems with power tools.

Remember when fixing any tool, disconnect it from the power first and if you have it available read the manual.

Anderson says that power tools will generally only die in certain ways, and usually it is one of the following:


Friction inside a power tool will over time wear away the brushes, resulting in a loss of power.  This Old House indicates that “you can tell if it’s time for new brushes when you see lots of arcing – small, harmless sparks inside the motor housing as the tool is running.”  In three quick steps you’ll be back in action.

Broken switch

GardenFork TV’s motto on this video is ‘It’s easy to fix power tools, just take them apart and hopefully put them back together’.  The video is comic and not only shows you what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t. I am not sure of the purpose of the puppies!

Broken drive belt

Anderson says on Instructables that any tool that has a drive belt will usually die first from that, these include planers, beltsanders, and rug-beater style vacuum cleaners.  You can identify this because the motor will still spin but nothing else will happen.

Missing power cord

We go back to GardenFork TV for the power cord repair.  This is not so much the replacement of a lost power cord, but how to recover the situation if you accidentally saw your power cord in half.

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