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Mitre box and saw, photo courtesy of Jacob Hammond

When you are installing your trims, skirting or architraves, the one thing everyone will tell you is that you need your mitre cut to be perfect otherwise it is not going to look good.  But then when you ask how to achieve this, they point out a mitre saw. Nice, but for the home DIY project, it is not always necessary. So today I wanted to show how you can get a perfect mitre cut at home, but without having to get a mitre saw.

Check out the DIY Bargin Bin Archives, Skirting and Mouldings section to buy your materials, remember you can get your architraves, skirting and mouldings here sometimes for up to 80% off retail prices, so it is a good idea to start all your projects here first.  The materials you will need are obviously your trim, a mitre box, a back saw, such as the one shown above.

Tim Gipson on his YouTube video demonstrates how to use the mitre box and saw to perfection.  His tips for use are:

  1. Attach the mitre box to a piece of scrap wood first to give it stability,
  2. Place a piece of slip proof carpet material underneath to prevent movement
  3. Place a thin piece of scrap wood at the bottom of your mitre box to prevent cutting into the box itself
  4. Mark where you want to cut, line it up on the box and then use the back saw to cut down the line
  5. To finish sand to remove any rough edges.