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Replacing a broken roof tile can be very easy if you know how to do it and once you have finished reading our simple instructions you will!

The first thing to know about replacing roof tiles is to be very careful not to crack other tiles. Consider the age of your roof before placing pressure on it, otherwise you could easily break tiles or worse injure yourself.  If your roof needs a lot of repair or the tiles are located beyond your reaching capacity, then it may be best to contact a roof repair professional.

What you will need?

Quite simply you will need replacement tiles and two pry bars.  There are two options when choosing your new roof tiles if the new tile is going to be visible, either find someone who is selling second hand or weathered roof tiles that may fit in with the colour and age of your tiles, or move a good tile from elsewhere on your roof to the visible spot and put the new one somewhere out of site.  This is because your roof tiles will have aged considerably, usually ending up in a darker weathered look, and placing a new tile on the roof can look very out of place.

How to replace that tile

Step 1 – Under the tile above and to the right of the one you wish to replace, carefully and slowly slide in your pry bar. This should life both this tile and the one to the left of it, resulting in the top of your broken tile being now accessible.

Step 2 – Slide the second pry bar in under the tile directly to the left of your broken tile.  This is where the lip of the tile overlaps the one we want to replace.  By lifting this, our broken tile is now able to be removed as no other tiles are resting on it.  Lift and slide out the tile.  In Australia most tiles are not nailed to the roof.

Step 3 – Place the new tile in where the other one was removed and ensure that it is securely in place. It should like up with the other tiles, and hook on to the small boards that run under the tiles.

Step 4 – Remove the pry bar to the left of the tile first, carefully and slowly sliding it out and allowing the tile to gently come to rest on the other tile.  Repeat for the top pry bar and you are complete.

For replacement tiles, see what we have available in the DIY Bargain Bin Stone, Tiles, Mosaics and Leadlight section.