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How to deal with a broken window

Posted: August 31, 2010 by DIY Big Boss in Windows / Mirrors / Glass

Image courtesy of FunblondieeNY

Finding a broken window at home can be very distressing.  If you were out, the first thought is that you have had a burglary or attempted burglary in your absence, but if you were home the shock of breaking glass can be equally as scary to deal with!  But there are many reasons, so it is best to deal with each individually.

1. Burglary – If it is unfortunately that you have been burgled while you were absent, you are likely to find one of two situations, a large window or glass door has been smashed in order to allow the burglar entry, or a small window has been broken to allow the burglar access to the latch to be able to open it.  The second is the more likely, as it provides cleaner access for the burglar.

The first thing to do is to call the police, do not touch anything or try and clean anything up as they may wish to dust for finger prints and the way the burglary was conducted may provide them with links to other break ins, which could be valuable in determining the perpetrator.  While waiting for the police, do an inventory of what has been taken and any serial numbers you have recorded.

When the police have left, then it is time to clean up.

2. A stone, a ball or a bird has crashed into the window causing the window to crack or has chipped out a piece of glass.  This is very common with older windows that are not made out of safety glass.  If the window is made from toughened glass the window will shatter into many little pieces should the impact be strong enough.  This is similar to the way that a car windscreen would shatter.

3. The final main reason for a window to break is through a shock to the glass, either through movement, or sudden change in temperature or through a fault or flaw in the glass.  Again if the glass is safety glass it will shatter, otherwise you are likely to find a crack.

How to deal with broken glass:

1. Shattered glass – When confirmed that you can clear the mess in the case of a burglary use a broom and then a dustpan and brush to clear the majority of the broken glass.  Poor the glass fragments into a plastic bag then place it inside another thicker plastic bag.  Tie a knot in the top before putting it in the bin.  Thoroughly vacuum the area.

Over the window cover the full area of the window with ploythene and then fix it into place using a thin plywood border.  Allow your nails to protrude slightly so it is easy to remove when you have your new window.

2. Cracked Window – Carefully remove any shards and wrap in thick newspaper.  Then place in a bag and dispose.  Use masking tape to cover any cracks.