The DOs and DON’Ts of painting

Posted: August 8, 2010 by Rach in Paint / Oils / Stains / Varnishes / Painting Supplies / Wall Paper
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So you have decided to start painting, and why not, spring is only just around the corner!  New colours can give your room an entirely new lease on life.

The colours in fashion for 2010 include a pull back to warm browns integrated with classic earthy colours says Resene Paints.  You can check out their 2010 Decorator Decisions two page Simply Living leaflet here for more ideas.

So with colours in mind and a whole swag of new furniture on order, it is time to start painting.  Here are our tips!

1. DO prepare your walls properly, see the DIY Bargain Bin Preparing a wall for painting guide.

2. DON’T paint on a day of extreme weather, be it hot or cold, windy or wet (if outside).  These could affect the quality of the paint.  The can should indicate the ideal temperature for painting and for best results it is wise to follow them.

3. DO carefully select your paint going for a good quality paint manufacturer. Consider how the area will be used, do you have children? If so does an easy wash paint make sense?  Is it outside? If so getting one with sun protection may increase the lifetime of the paint job.

4. DON’T use old paint that you have stored in the garage for a rainy day if it is over five years old or has been exposed to changing weather conditions it is likely to be no good.  Paint should last between 3-5 years if sealed tightly and kept in an area with a stable temperature, out of the sun. If in doubt about the paint, don’t use it or ask for an expert opinion.

5. DON’T thin out the paint to make it go further, this could lead to the wall looking streaky and will reduce the quality of your paint.

6. DO stir your paint really well before starting and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin as you go.

7. DON’T apply the paint really thinly or thickly, there is no way around doing a second coat, so take your time to apply it evenly and consistently.

8. DO apply that second coat after the first has been allowed to dry.

For all your painting needs, check out the DIY Bargain Bin Paints, Oils, Stains, Varnishes and Painting Supplies section.


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