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Image courtesy of Martin Spragg

Winter is definitely upon us, there is a chill in the air that shocks our bodies to the core as you step from a heated house or car into it. So there is little chance that you are spending too much time thinking about splashing around in your pool, except potentially to yearn for the warmer weather to come.  The pool therefore sits dormant, awaiting its popularity to rise again with the changing season.

But if there is one thing worse than coming out and locating that the barbeque (used last summer) was not cleaned, it is the pile of work to prepare your pool for the summer!

Unfortunately there are not ways to completely avoid working on your pool. Pools require maintenance and care in order to stay useable, but you can minimise the amount of work by giving your pool a little TLC over the winter months.

Before winter

The best thing to do is to ensure the pool is really clean before winter arrives, having it sparkling will make it harder for algae to grow.  This means cleaning and scrubbing all the tiles.  Then when done, treat your pool with a higher than normal dose of chlorine.  Because no one will be swimming in the pool for the next few months you can do this safely.  Talk to your pool shop to get the right products, then pump this throughout the water to diminish the chances of algae growing.

Mid winter

Given it is winter already, you may not be keen to jump in to your pool to spring clean it.  Don’t worry, still talk to your pool shop and treat the pool with chlorine and clean off any algae that you can (without catching a cold).

During winter you can also help your pool by running any machinery (filters etc) for an hour or so at least every fortnight.  Lack of use may cause the parts to seize or to break, running them will keep everything moving and flowing so you will not be surprised by a long list of repairs at the start of summer.

Other things you can do

Cover the pool, this not only protects it from leaves and debris, but will also reduce water evaporation. Another good idea is to use this time to give your pool equipment a good clean.

Creating a routine

The best thing to do is set aside 10-15 minutes a fortnight over winter to look after your pool and mark it in your diary.  Simply then follow the steps below.

1. Turn on the filters and pumps.

2. Remove the cover from the pool.

3. Test the water to check pH, chlorine and alkaline levels.

4. Top up chlorine if required.

5. Have a coffee, some breakfast, read a bit of the paper or something that takes your fancy

6. Skim out any debris or rub alway an algae you see forming with a long-handled brush.

7. Turn off all the pumps and filters and recover the pool.