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Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

Water is one of Australia’s most valuable resources and although this winter we have had plenty of rain, we are still a long way away from seeing our dams back to good levels in all states. Especially Victoria where the dams are still at less than 40% capacity.  So it is good during these times to look for ways to save whatever water you can.  One way of doing this is to install a water saving shower nozzle to your shower.

You may think that one shower nozzle will not help save the country from drought and you are probably correct, however you may cut down your water usage from up to 25 litres per minute to 7 litres and that is a pretty significant saving.  If more people do this, then the savings will add up.  Not to mention the benefit that your water bill will reduce.

You will need:

  • your new water saving shower head
  • some teflon (white plumbers) tape
  • a rag
  • a washer for the shower head
  • adjustable pliers

Step 1 – Wrap the shower head in the rag then use the adjustable pliers to remove the shower head by twisting it.  After some initial resistance it should come free quite easily.

Step 2 – Remove any teflon tape from the shower stem, then use the rag to thoroughly clean it.  This will remove any left over grit or bits of tape that still remained.

Step 3 – Wrap the teflon tape around the stem in the same direction that the new shower head will screw on.  In most cases this is clockwise.  This will ensure that it doesn’t peel off as you screw the new shower head in place.  Apply about 3-4 rotations.

Step 4 – Place the washer into your shower head.

Step 5 – Using your hands screw on the new shower head till it is firm.  Then use your adjustable pliers to lightly tighten the fitting.  Remember to wrap your rag around the chrome first to ensure that it is not damaged.  You want your shower head to be firm but not too tight.

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