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Photo courtesy of Fomu

If you want to keep your garden growing perfectly but do not want to waist water, then a watering system is essential!

But did you know that there are three different types of watering systems available? How do you know which is best for your home and situation?

Today I have decided to take a trip to the garden and assess this question.

There are basically three different types of watering system available, they are the microspray, the drip and the pop-up system.  Each one has different features and are useful in different situations.  Here is a bit more information about each to allow you to choose the one most suited to your needs.


As its name suggest the drip system delivers water slowly to your plant via an underwater drip system.  The advantages are that the water is delivered directly to the plant’s roots and there is little or no chance of the water being evaporated or affected by other elements.  The amount of water you disperse is controlled which means you can easily cater nature with the amount you apply.

The only thing to consider is that all plants on the drip system loop should require a similar amount of water, otherwise while you may be meeting the needs of one plant you could be over watering or underwatering another.


The microspray system works best for small rockeries, ferneries and vegetable gardens.  But you will need to be careful when you water your plans timing it to be in the early morning or late evening, otherwise you could risk burning your plants.

Water is sprayed in a light fine mist from the system over the plants and the soil, this is then sucked up by both the foliage and the soil.


The final style is the pop-up style, which effectively pops up to water your garden when turned on, and retracts into the ground when not being used.  The Pop-Up system is fantastic for larger areas of plants and lawn as it simply pops up to water and then disappears when not required.

Like the Microspray unit, you must consider when you turn on the Pop-Up unit so as not to damage your plants by burning them.  Turn the Pop-Up system on in the morning or early evening for most benefit.

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