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Transporting Tasmanian timber

There is not a person around during this day and age who has not read about or considered the environment and the sustainability of specific actions.  These issues are incredibly hot topics for our generation and are starting to make huge impacts on the way that we think and of course what we shop for.  It is now not all about the bottom line and how cheaply products can be made, delivered and purchased.  As consumers it appears more and more we are prepared to pay more in order to ensure that we are receiving a level of satisfaction that we each, in our own small way, are supporting a better future for our children.

One area this debate is turning into action is within the construction industry.  Companies around the world who produce building materials are looking for ways to recycle, reuse and renew, in addition to reducing their carbon footprint.  This industry has a huge impact with the choices it makes, from the manufacture of the materials, to their treatment using chemicals and power, right through to their transportation and storage.

Sustainable forests are the future.

One of the main materials used for building has been timber.  Timber is a natural resource and is renewable, however the demand for timber has lead to a number of areas being logged to extinction.  This has not only caused the habitat destruction to millions of animals, but is threatening to send other animals into extinction and having a detrimental impact on the ozone.  As a result of this the industry for a time looked to other materials such as concrete, steel and plastic, however they too have an impact which for steel in particular is considered now to be higher than that of wood.

Both industries are still working hard to improve the ‘greenness’ of their offerings, and it is leading to some exciting new directions.  Steel producers have greatly curbed the amount of emissions and timber companies are selecting their timbers more carefully and taking a larger role in ensuring their sustainability. Certainly the planting of more timber has a direct effect on improving our environment.

But that all stated it is hard to compare the two side by side and determine which is better collectively, steel or timber on the environment, they are both needed in construction and will both be continued to be used.  Some timber companies are not so reputable, yet some steel companies are investing millions into their solutions, or vice versa.  It is therefore important in your choice of product to make it count by choosing products which are actively seeking to be sustainable and to promote the environment.  Be proactive, there are good and bad on both sides.

For building your deck at home, we love the look of natural timber, it is beautiful and sustainable, and if you look after it, it can last you a good 30+ years.

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