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Image sourced from the Water Rating website.

In many countries they just cannot understand that water could become a commodity of such great value, but here, we have grown up with doing little things to conserve and save it.  As a child my mother used to scold me for leaving the tap running while brushing my teeth, and still to this day I will turn it off while I brush.

Things today though are a little more sophisticated with the introduction of WELS in 2005. The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme started by making predictions of water use and set about encouraging and developing water savings with their aim to reduce water usage.

The Australian Government’s Water Efficiency website hopes that by using water efficient products it will help to:

  • reduce domestic water use by more than 100,000 megalitres each year;
  • save more than 800,000 megalitres (more water than Sydney Harbour); and
  • reduce total greenhouse gas output by 400,000 tonnes each year – equivalent to taking 90,000 cars off the road each year!

That is a lot of water saving, and you can do your bit by:

  • Replacing an inefficient washing machine with an efficient model.  32% of all water savings will come through this initiative.
  • Replacing old style flushing toilets with a dual flush.  Old style toilets use up to 12 litres of water per flush, where as a new one on half-flush uses about 4 litres.  21% of water savings will come from efficient toilets.
  • Replace your standard showerhead with a water efficient one, cutting down your use of 25 litres of water per minute to just seven litres.

Image courtesy of Matt Tiegs

The first two ‘replaces’ could involve quite an outlay, but the third, is both inexpensive and very easy to do as this do-it-yourself video from the ‘for Dummies’ series demonstrates. You can find your new showerhead (and thereby reduce your level of guilt next time you have a shower that exceeds your three minute quota) in the DIY Bargain Bin Bath / Shower / Spa / Basins / Vanities and Toilet category.

One bonus is, that in some cases you can get a rebate from buying a WELS rated product.  This rebate still applies over the internet, so there is no restriction to choosing and purchasing products you see here in the DIY Bargain Bin. To check whether a rebate is being offered for your showerhead check the Living Greener Rebates Assistance website.  Then use the WELS public search database to determine if the product you want to buy meets the rating requirement.