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Engineered Timber from Timber Engineered Structures.

What is it?

Well it is hard to say quickly many times in a row, but more than this Engineered Timber may be the way forward for the majority of Australia’s buildings.

But back to what is Engineered Timber and it is a term that covers a wide range of timbers that have been enhanced in order to tailor their suitability for specific uses, particularly for use in structural situations.  The timber is a composite of wood and wood fibre with adhesives and other materials which improves the durability and strength of the piece.

What can it be used for?

This type of timber can be used for all sorts of purposes and can be made into a number of different shapes and sizes.  The Structural Timber however is mostly sold in the form of a beam and is perfect for all structural home building, especially for decking where you may want a natural look rather than trying to blend steel and wood together.

Curved timber design by Timber Engineered Structures

This type of engineered timber can even be used to create curved timber designs such as this one here.  This image is taken from the Timber Engineered Structures Website and shows just how much this type of timber can achieve.

Why use it?

Even if you do decide to use timber over steel, why would you choose Engineered Structural Timber over a natural hardwood?  Well the answer is quite simply because it is made from well managed, environmentally friendly plantation timber.  Many of the providers also limit their plantations to Australia and New Zealand, meaning the money and control of those plantations remains here.

Both steel and natural timber levy a cost on our natural habitat, whether it is by cutting down rainforest timber that will take decades to reestablish itself or by using steel which may cause the emission of toxic gasses into the atmosphere.  Although  steel companies are rapidly improving the level of emissions and their recycling schemes, engineered timber is still the more eco-friendly option.

Who supplies Engineered Timber?

There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of sustainable engineered structural timber around.  The DIY Bargain Bin Structural Timber section is a good place to start your search with many suppliers listing their stock with us.

Alternatively see these websites for more details: