5 ways – How to build an arbor

Posted: September 24, 2010 by DIY Big Boss in Pergolas / Gazebos / Sun Shades
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Spring is the most perfect time to get out in the garden and to get handy with a bit of DIY work.  But rather than take on those boring old maintenance jobs, it is always more fun to create something that is new, special and will really add to the look of your home.  Plus given that spring is the time of growth, you can plant some little pretty vines on either side of your new creation!

So we know that you love our top ‘How to’ collections, so here are our favourite arbor guides available on the internet:

1. Rose garden arbor

This one is provided by WRCLA and has lots of diagrams and instructions to create a traditional wooden lattice sided arbor.  By finishing the creation with a coat of white outdoor paint, and a creeping rose, this arbor will look gorgeous.

The website also contains instructions for other outdoor projects like fences, gates, gazebos and planters.  In addition they also have two alternative arbor plans.

2. Rustic cost effective arbor

If you are looking for a cheaper arbor that still looks great, then you may like this one from Grandpa’s Workshop.  Given his Scottish heritage, the price of buying an arbor was not sitting well with him, so he has created his own and has attached full instructions for how you can do the same.

3. Garden bench arbor

If you would rather your arbor is a seat than a walkway then this one from the Woodworking Super Centre may be right.  The arbor is built and nestled in its base is a beautiful wooden seat.  The instructions and diagrams from this site are great!

4. Simple garden arbor design

This arbor from About.com has no sides so to speak, the top trellis is supported by two side posts only.  This would make a good entrance to a garden, however because there is no side trellis, it would not support some vines.  Make sure you ask your plant nursery to advise if your plant could be trained up it.  You may be able to achieve this by running some wire up each post.

5. Beautiful double bench arbor

Ron Hazelton has produced a great step by step guide to this fantastic arbor.  Like the last one it doesn’t feature the traditional trellis sides but instead both sides have a seat on which people can sit, the back of which is open to the garden.  Clearly this arbor is designed to look good on its own without the need of vines or climbers.

Hopefully we have supplied you with five fantastic designs and one will prove perfect for you next project!

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