How to build a wooden fence

Posted: September 22, 2010 by DIY Big Boss in Timber Decking / Cladding / Fencing

Horizontal wooden fence (from HGTV)

Previously we have explored what you might need to do if you find your fence to be falling over, but if that old fence really just won’t cut it any longer, no matter what you do to it, then what you might need is a new fence.  There are several different ideas for doing fences and screens, so today we have sourced the best ‘How To Build a Wooden Fence’ options from around the internet.

1. Building a Wood Fence by Do it Yourself

This is probably one of the best fence instruction posts I have ever come across, it shows each step clearly including diagrams, goes through a lot of different options including the different types of fence design and concludes with a full list of tools and materials required.  I would recommend this as the first place to start your new fence construction research.

2. Fence designs by Backyard Gardener

In addition to the above site I would also look at this one, this page shows a range of different fence design options, by clicking on each it will provide you with a picture of the fence and also measurements making your post selection easy.  There are a good twenty options to choose from including seven different picket fence designs.

3. Horizontal plank wooden fence by HGTV

Perhaps you are after the look of a horizontal wooden plank fence instead?  If so this one might be perfect for you, in addition it is built on a slope so you can see how effective it can look if you too have to cater for an incline or decline.  See the photo above.  The instructions for this fence are not as extensive as the first fence but should be adequate to do the job.

4. Fences, gates and posts from Build Eazy

Two wooden fence designs, plus a wire one are provided on this site, however it is the options and instructions for adding gates and other features into your fences that makes this website stand out.  From a single person gate to double driveway gates, this site has heaps of useful information for you.

Home Depot example of fence from their fencing gallery

5. HomeDepot’s How to Build a Fence

If you would prefer a video instruction process on how to build your fence then these two videos from Home Depot are going to be perfect for you.  There are a number of videos, they are:

  1. Introduction and information video
  2. Building a wood fence using components
  3. Building wood and vinyl panel fences

These five sites should provide you with all the information you need to start building your new fence.  For all your timber fencing needs, check out the DIY Bargain Bin Fencing section.

  1. One of the most important items you need to include on your checklist when building a fence is: am I sure of the location of my property boundaries. If a mistake is made when erecting a fence, you risk have to spend time, energy, and possibly even money correcting the issue, as well as it could cause the relationship with the neighbors to sour.

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