How to safely remove that wasp nest (part 1)

Posted: September 3, 2010 by Rach in External Features / Gables / Letterboxes, Garden Sheds / Barns / Carports
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Wasp nest. Image courtesy of Corey Carter

A wasp nest can be a very difficult problem if it is one right next to your home.  The reason is obvious, the wasps don’t generally take kindly to being relocated so will react with anger trying to attack those that it sees are trying to upset their happy house, after all, they specifically chose that spot over all the others on offer.

None the less as the actual home owner, it is fair enough that you don’t want these irritable squatters sharing any part of your house or garden.  So today we are going to take you through how to safely remove that wasps nest.

The key to this is ensuring your safety throughout the whole process.


1. Get an assistant – removing a nest is a lot easier and safer with two people.

2. Cover up – the goal is to ensure that as much of your skin is covered.  Think protective clothing, like a hat, veil, gloves, long sleeve t-shirt, long pants and socks.  There are a few extra tips with your dressing, such as to tuck your pants into your socks to ensure no wasps fly up them.  Wear a jumper or long sleeved t-shirt over a button up shirt (less areas of access, i.e. between the buttons), tuck a layer into your pants.  With your gloves get the kind that you can tighten around your wrist.  As you can see you are trying to seal up as much of yours and your buddy’s surface area.

3. Locate your wasp nest and plan your attack – It is best to locate the wasp nest in the day, but leave treating it until the evening when the wasps are less active and less likely to pose a threat.  Wasps are attracted to light so avoid using a flashlight.

Options for removing the wasp nest:

There are four main ways of attacking a wasp nest, they are:

  1. Freeze or drown the wasps
  2. Burn the wasps
  3. Use a pesticide
  4. Use a home mix of soap and water.

Tomorrow we will go through each of these to show you the best way of killing your wasp problem.

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