Create a playground for under $100

Posted: August 27, 2010 by Rach in Play Equipment, Timber Structural / Construction / Other
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3D Playground designed by Billy Robb for DIY Life

That is right Billy Robb has come up with five easy playground ideas and structures which you could create at home for less than $100, probably even cheaper if you source the materials from the DIY Bargain Bin.

These structures are fantastic and would be a lot of fun to put together and go to show that you don’t need to have expensive swing sets to create a bit of fun in your garden.  The one thing that all kids seem to possess in huge quantities is imagination.  At this young age they are not constrained in any way and are free to dream that anything and everything is possible.  Structures like the lava walk and the sand pit can entertain boys and girls for many hours.

The Lava Walk, photo by Billy Robb for DIY Life

There are five structures which Billy Robb has put together in a 3D tool, but you can separate and move them around to suit your needs.  If you do not have a girl, maybe the monkey bar may not be necessary, but if you have two girls maybe two of different heights will give them both something to play on.

However you mix and match them, these playground ideas are a winner for any home.  Check out the full series of photos and construction tips at DIY Life.

For all your materials, check out the DIY Bargain Bin Timber Structural, Construction section, or for a pre built Play Ground, see the DIY Bargain Bin Play Equipment.


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