These vintage 1940's silver candle sticks show how silver should look. Photo courtesy of BerdAndBee

Most people do not have a kitchen full of silver any more, but for those of you who do have a few items, perhaps candle sticks or goblets, there is a really easy way to clean it.

Silver gets a black sheen or coating to it just from being exposed to air.  If it is also subject to handling, it will get a tarnished look very quickly.

But do not despair, it is not like the old days when you would have to sit and rub and rub that silver till it once again shone.  No now we have some quick and simple tricks and you already have all the things you need at home.

1. Grab your toothpaste and squeeze some onto your fingers, run this over the silver product ensuring that you have a thin but even coat all over the silver item.

2. Now get your old tooth brush kept for cleaning – if you do not have one, you really should, so use your current tooth brush and buy a new one for your mouth – then with a bit of warm water on the tooth brush work in short brushes all over the silver.

3. Rinse the toothpaste and water off your silver after a good brushing.

4. Using a soft cloth or tea towel give your silver a good rub to dry and polish.

And that is it, quick and easy silver cleaning!


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