A painted and designed letterbox from American retailer The Lighthouse Peddler

Whether you have a brick or metal letterbox it is possible to paint it up so that it looks fantastic and individual.  Earlier in July we brought you a great list of ways to build your own letter box.  Many of these were wooden, and desperately cried out for some decoration, so here it is, the follow up to our DIY Letterboxes feature.

1. Keeping the wooden look

Having a beautiful wooden mailbox can be great, but to keep it looking good you will need to ensure that you finish the job.  First sand the letterbox with sandpaper.  Choose an exterior stain to suit the colour of wood you want to choose and give the letterbox two coats.

2. Painting your wooden letterbox

Another option is to paint your letterbox with one or more colours.  This can be great and add a vibrancy if you like bright colours, or blend the letter box with the garden by going for muted and natural colours.  Again sand the letterbox to remove any rough edges and round the joins.  Then choose a good quality oil based exterior paint.  Give the letterbox a good coat, then sand it slightly to remove streaks and apply the second coat.

3. Painting a metal letterbox

If you have purchased a metal letterbox and wish to paint it a different colour you cannot simply buy exterior paint and wack it on.  It is likely to end up streaky and will flake easily.  If you have painted or tried to paint your letterbox before sand it down before you start to remove an lumps, bumps or streaks.

Select a primer that is designed for metal and is in a spray can, use this to completely cover your letterbox.  Give it a light coat and this way you will not get any streaking or running.  Then select a spray can in the colour of your choice and go over the dried primer.  Ensure that you do not go too heavy otherwise you will get streaking.  If this should occur sand it off and try again.

Check out the DIY Bargain Bin for all your letterbox needs and your Paint, Oils, Stains, Varnishes and Painting Supplies.


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