Picture from WonderHowTo video

Sinks can clog up over time, because hair, hair products, soap, and other products can clump together inside the drain. The good news is however, that sinks are usually quite easy to clear.

There are several ways to clear a blocked drain, here are three ways, that do not use harsh chemicals that you can try.   The best option for a bad block in the pipes.

1. Non-chemical clean

For this technique you will need some baking soda, white vinegar and hot water.  It is pretty simple, first you pour down some baking soda and then follow it up with the vinegar, this will cause it to bubble like soft drink.  As soon as the bubbles cease (about 15 minutes), follow it with some recently boiled water.  The result is that all the stuff that was blocking your drain will come bubbling back up to the surface.

Refer to this great video from Wonder How To, for how to do this and how to plunge your drain (below).

2. Use a plunger

Seal your sink’s overflow hole, then get out a plunger, pop it into the sink and half fill the sink that is blocked with water, so that it is slightly above the plunger head.  Keeping the plunger sealed to the bottom of the sink, in fast motions pump up and down, keeping the plunger sealed to the bottom of the sink.

Should you see any other reaction (as shown in the WonderHowTo video), stop immediately and call a plumber.

3. Clear the pipes

The best way however to clear a blocked sink though is to remove the two pipes under the sink and thoroughly clean them.  This will ensure that your drain is as clean as it can possibly be.  To see how easy this is to achieve, check out this video from Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.

Alternatively if you have a plumber’s snake you could clear it in the way shown on WonderHowTo.


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