Wrought iron experienced its peak popularity in the 1860s, mainly thanks to railways, but with the improvement in steelmaking is now no longer produced on a commercial scale.  Indeed a large number of the products now produced under the term ‘wrought iron’ are actually made of mild steel, but retain the wrought iron name because they were formally made of the material.

Wrought iron is traditionally now used for products such as doors, guard rails, furniture, fences and gates, and can transform the look of a home when used, especially on a period home.

So today, we have brought you an idea file for wrought iron, a quick glimpse of some of the different things that you can do with this material and how it will change the look of your home.  The links are provided to give you more ideas.

Starting with doors, from the Australian Wrought Iron Shop:

Decorative wrought iron with a swirl or a pattern.  Perth Wrought Iron has a number of ideas for fences and gates:

Artistic Wrought Iron Suppliers also have a good idea gallery, predominantly different stair designs.  This can be viewed here.

Perhaps you are considering a wrought iron internal stair case. Colour Earth Design have a number of examples and a great online display gallery.

Or perhaps you want something modern, at WroughtArtWorks, they do a number of different wrought iron work,this is a sample of some more modern designs:

Check out the DIY Bargain Bin Balustrades, Railings, Steel Post, Poles section for more ideas and alternative materials.


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