How to build a deck – how to videos

Posted: August 2, 2010 by Rach in Timber Decking / Cladding / Fencing, Timber Structural / Construction / Other
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So you have decided to build yourself a new deck and quickly want to get up to speed on everything that you need to know in order to create something fantastic?  Doing your research is important, but you don’t want to spend all your spare time looking up facts and information that may or may not be useful.  So today we want to help you, here is 40 minutes of video from two providers, watch these and much of your research should be done.

1. The Home Hardware Australia How to Build a Deck video Part 1 and Part 2 at a little over 11 minutes is time well worth spending.  Start the Part 1 video at about the 1.30 minute mark to skip the ads and the self promotion.  The second video starts straight up where the first video stops with no extra ads.

2. Lowes have a fantastic six part series on Deck Building.  Each part is between 4-5.5 minutes long and is much more comprehensive than the Home Hardware video.  The full series will take just under half an hour to view and includes Part 1 Designing a Deck, Part 2 Deck Layouts and Plans , Part 3 Setting the Posts and Footings, Part 4 – Framing and Decking, Part 5 – Building Deck Stairs, Part 6 -Finishing the Deck.

From here you have a basic understanding of what is involved, it is now a matter of making your own plans and then working out what additional information you need and go find it.  Remember in Australia you may have to submit your plans to council for approval before you commence building.

Check out the DIY Bargain Bin first for all your decking needs, we have a great range of Timber Decking, Structural decking and every other bit of hardware that you need to make your timber deck a reality at a fraction of the price.


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