The best place to install your smoke detector

Posted: July 31, 2010 by Rach in Home Security / Alarms / Cameras / Safes / Sensors / Smoke Detectors
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Photo courtesy of Joelle Jaffe

So you have taken the first step and purchased some smoke detectors for your house. We applaud you, because according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Australian Social Trends 2000 – Housing – Housing Stock: Home Fire Safety, there are 70 deaths a year in house fires.

Fires are most commonly caused by cooking, smoking and electrical faults in wiring or appliances, and 30 percent start in the kitchen, however it is at night when people are asleep that most deaths occur.  It is not the fire that is usually the cause of death, but asphyxiation from the deadly gases caused by the fire.  Even if you are awake, it can be disorientating when you cannot see, your throat is closing over and you have no idea where the fire is.

In order to give yourself a fighting chance, the only option is to have smoke detectors installed, but the question is where to put them in order to give yourself the best warning?

The best place to install them is in all the following locations:

*     An area outside the bedrooms.  Try and position it so all bedrooms are within a metre to a metre and a half from the smoke detector.  If this is not possible then consider putting in a second smoke detector.

*    Near but not in a kitchen.  Because kitchens are quite often where a fire will break out, it is good planning to have a smoke detector near the kitchen, however avoid placing it in the kitchen, especially if you enjoy shallow frying your food, otherwise you may find it going off all the time.

*     On every level of the house.  Ensure that you have a smoke detector on every level of the house.

Remember to change the battery for your smoke detector every six months on the change to daylight savings, and explain to your children where they are and what they do.  Every house should have a fire plan.

For all your smoke detector needs check out the DIY Bargain Bin Home Security / Alarms / Cameras / Safes / Sensors  and Smoke Detectors section.


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