Giving your tiled floors a make over

Posted: July 23, 2010 by Rach in Render Products / Concrete Products / Glues / Grouts
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Sometimes you will want to improve the look of a room without spending a huge amount of money or calling in a dozen tradesmen.  One great way to give a tiled room a new lease of life is to re-grout your tiles.  Grout overtime can discolour, become crumbly or disappear up the vacuum leaving you with holes or low patches.  All of these things take away from the appearance of the room, but grouting is something that is very simple to do yourself and will make a noticeable difference to the look and feel of your room.

Remove the old grout

Start by removing the old grout from between the tiles.  Use a utility knife or grout saw.  Go very slowly to ensure that you do not scratch or damage the surface of the tile.  When you finish give the entire area a good vacuum to ensure that all dirt and remnants of grout have been removed.

New grout

There are two options for your new grout colour, the first is to try and match the colour that you had previously.  This is especially important if you are only doing a small area.  Ask the assistant and check how the grout dries as some will dry lighter.  If you are going for a new colour, then it is easier, but remember to consider the colours of everything in the room.  Standard grout comes in white, grey or brown, but you can get grout now in a range of different colours.

Follow the mixing instructions on the container and apply the grout between each of the tiles being careful not to dislodge the tile from its position.  When you are finished, you will need to allow the grout to dry.  Remove any excess grout from the tiles with a cloth or sponge, ensuring that your grout looks even and neat.  It is much easier to remove excess grout prior to it setting than after.

Finally you will need to seal the floor with a solvent or water-based grout sealer.  Use a grout float to ensure that the sealant is spread evenly across all joins.  Use a damp cloth to then wipe clean each and every tile before the sealant dries.

Your tiles should now have a new lease on life and your room will hopefully look fabulous again.

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