Considering a swing, what are the options?

Posted: July 14, 2010 by DIY Big Boss in Play Equipment
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There are two main options for putting in a set of swings at home.  They are either buying a pre-built set or building your own using a design or attaching it to a strong tree!  Today we are looking in detail at the pre-built swing set.

The Options

Image sourced from Climbing Frames

With the pre-built option, there are many different choices available, however there are two key questions to ask first.

  1. What are the ages of the children?
  2. What is your budget?

Really there are only three types of swing set available and for very young children, the plastic option is the best way to go.  The sets are a lot safer made from hard plastic with a lower number of parts and also designed with smooth edges.  Less parts, means less joints, and therefore a lower number of weak points or areas where screws, welding or stress cracking could potentially compromise the safety of your swing set. These plastic sets are usually smaller and are perfectly suited to younger toddler aged children, however the down side is that they are expensive and your child will likely grow out of them within 2-4 years. They make most financial sense for a family with two or more children as they will get double the use.

Once a child reaches five or six they will start wanting something a bit bigger, here the other two main options are presented and really come down to budget. Getting a metal swing set (with two swings) will usually set you back about $150, or alternatively if money isn’t really a problem then you could go all out on something like the Skyfort Playcentre with Cubby House (image above), which will set you back just over $3,000.

But do not let price alone guide your option.  Become informed about the risks and dangers associated with metal swing sets, there have been several recalls in the USA over the last 15 years associated with faulty metal swings.  Not all metal swing sets are bad, but it pays to do your homework.

If safety is your number one priority, then it is hard to go past a wooden set for this age group.  A decent wooden double swing set is likely to start around $300.

Check out the DIY Bargain Bin Play Equipment to see what bargains we have available.  The main different brands available in Australia, include Vasia and Eezy Peezy for toddlers, Hills for metal swings and Plum Products for wooden ones.

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