DIY Letterboxes

Posted: July 13, 2010 by DIY Big Boss in External Features / Gables / Letterboxes
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Our House from Nine MSN Letterbox plan.

Well if you liked our collection of DIY Sheds, we now bring you letterboxes! Hopefully we have something to spark your creative fancy, if not, you can view the DIY Bargain Bin External Features / Gables and Letterboxes to find an already built model to suit your tastes!

1. Our House has a cute little wooden one that will cost you about $60 to make including the timber, hinges, knobs and screws.  Remember to check out the DIY Bargain Bin for all your supplies.

2. BuildEazy have both a great mailbox and mailbox stand that you can build yourself.  The great thing about this mailbox is that you do not have to build the stand as the mailbox would be perfect against a fence or post.

3. Arch Chemicals bring us a different idea more along the line of an American style mailbox.  This one includes the mailbox, the stand and a little planter.

4. All Wood Working Plans have a great oak top opening mailbox that would be great for lots of mail, but is also so nice that you could create inside the your home as a storage solution.

5. Lee’s Wood Project – Has another stylish letterbox for your home.  It incorporates a ginger bread trim and window shutters to give it a storybook charm.

6. Wayne of the Woods shows how to create a very simple mailbox stand and how to attach your store or DIY Bargain Bin bought tin letterbox.

7. eHow provide a step by step brick mailbox design if wood is not your thing.

8. The Do It Yourself crew also have a free brick mail box plan.

9. Australia’s Home Hardware gives a beautiful little timber letterbox with in a full brochure.  This is a cute box, but could me made your own with some paint!

10. Bunnings like Home Hardware, offer a downloadable letterbox instruction booklet in PDF format.  Like the Home Hardware one, it could also do with a lick of paint.

Don’t forget, you can find all the material to create your home DIY mailbox from the DIY Bargain Bin, or alternatively get your fully finished letterbox from the DIY Bargain Bin External Features / Gables / Letterboxes section.

  1. […] Whether you have a brick or metal letterbox it is possible to paint it up so that it looks fantastic and individual.  Earlier in July we brought you a great list of ways to build your own letter box.  Many of these were wooden, and desperately cried out for some decoration, so here it is, the follow up to our DIY Letterboxes feature. […]

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