Whether your home is sleek and modern, or a renovated beauty, there now is a range of power points and light switches to suit all needs.  This post looks at the four main different style groups available and where they are best suited!  Hopefully we’ll be able to inspire you to get creative in giving your switches and points an upgrade!

Antique Power Points

Pales in Style Bungalow Power Point Florentine Bronze

When planning your renovation, you no doubt are planning on keeping all your mod cons, and therefore need to have power points and light switches. But these do not have to be your standard plastic white ones that are commonly used.  There are now a number of retailer, which produce points and switches to suit the style of older homes.  These include metal capped wooden power points such as this one from Pales in Style.

An alternative would be an art deco power point which is wood and moulded plastic or the Clipsal heritage range which are available from a number of providers and can at times be sourced in the DIY Bargain Bin Electrical Wire / Switches / Power Points / Fuse Boxes / Fixtures & Fittings section.

Image of Slimline lightswitches sourced from Clipsal

Standard and Slimline

These are the new modern day equivalent of your plastic covered power point. They are available in normal size, but Clipsal have also produced a thinner and less obtrusive power point which would look good in most homes regardless of age or style.

Large switches

If you are installing switches or power points for an older person then it is well worth considering going for larger switches.  There is nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark trying to flick on the light when your fingers are cold and frail.  There are a number of oversized light switches available, some with neon lights to make location easier, or without.  The Clipsal Matisse range and Prestige ranges both feature oversized switches.

Clipsal Saturn range of light switch

The future

If you have a modern home, potentially you want something that is more forward thinking.  There are many options available including the Clipsal Saturn range which have a glass face and illuminated round buttons or the Reflection range which are square on smooth stainless steel .

You can find a range of different power point plates and switch plates in the DIY Bargain Bin Electrical Wire / Switches / Power Points / Fuse Boxes / Fixtures and Fittings section of the website.


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