Garden Shed from Popular Mechanics website

So you are considering building your own garden shed, but need a design.  Well here we have scoured the internet to bring you a range of different garden shed options and what we like about them!  Most come with a stack of advertising, but it is a small amount for you to endure in exchange for your free plan.

1. Mitre 10 – Have a great little no window garden shed instruction brochure on their website.  The brochure contains all you need to know and what you’ll need to buy to make this 3.6×2.1 metre shed.

2. My Backyard Plans – this website displays a range of different size and variety shed plans along with step by step images to take you through your construction.  They include a gable shed and a gambrel shed.

3. Popular Mechanics – Provides simple step by step instructions for a 9x13foot garden shed.  Along with a photo for each of the 16 steps and instructions with each, this is one of the better internet plans available.

4. Black and Decker – Have a small 8×12 foot shed plan available on their website.  Lots of images and directions.

5. Build Eazy – Show how to make a simple storage shed for your back yard.  The online version is free of charge, but you can download the plans free of advertising for $5USD.

6. Extreme How To – Have a very small no back tool shed that you can build.

7. Just Sheds – Offer one free detailed design for a 10’x8′ storage shed.  You can download this plan, though it is loaded with self promotion.  Paid shed plans range from $15USD to $35USD on their website.

8. ArchChemicals – Provides a one page shed design, with simplified instructions. Probably best to only attempt this one if you are familiar with building such structures!

9. Bioengr – Have a small 6×8 foot garden tool shed plan on their website which includes shelves and counter!

10. Better Homes & Gardens – Potentially if none of those other sheds suit your requirements, maybe a four door shed is what you are after?  Really this is like a storage closet, but can be built cheaply using second hand doors.

Remember you can source your wood and hardware for this project from the DIY Bargain Bin Hardware section and the DIY Bargain Bin Timber Structural / Construction section.

Or if you decide to get a kit garden shed, the DIY Bargain Bin Garden Sheds, Barns and Carport section will have just what you need.


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